Monolith is a framework that turns your Elektron Octatrack into a multi-oscillator modular monophonic synthesizer based on wavetable synthesis, that benefits from a deep integration with the acclaimed Elektron sequencer.

Monolith is based on single-cycle waveforms (SCWF). Single-cycle waveforms are tiny audio files that represent one period of oscillation of a given waveform. By looping this audio snippet, a synthesizer can recreate the original waveform, and use it as  an oscillator. This principle is called wavetable synthesis and has been found on many synthesizers from acclaimed brands such as Waldorf, Korg, Access or Dave Smith Instruments.

The Elektron Octatrack is a sampler and not a synthesizer, but still, some users found that it is possible to load single-cycle waveforms in this machine and use it as a sort of a basic synths. By leveraging on this, using those SCWF as oscillators and feeding them back into the Octatrack using some a few cables, it’s possible to turn the sampler into a powerful synth. But getting proper prepared waveforms and setting up the Octatrack is not easy and Monolith aims at simplifying this task, by offering you a ready-to-use, free Octatrack project that transforms your sampler into an advanced modular multi-oscillator wavetable synthesizer, with more sound sculpting options than you could imagine.