Project 1404

Live techno music


Project 1404

Project 1404 is my liveset project.

Project 1404 is techno, performed live using hardware boxes: sampler, drum machine and a bassline synth.

I started producing electronic music in 2010, and had my first live gig at the end of Summer 2011 in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Since then I have performed at many events, from students parties, opening ceremonies, private events, bar parties and festivals such as Printemps de Bourges.

Now based in Paris, France. Working with Neurotype Records (Nanterre, France)


Project 1404 is live techno. Project 1404 takes the machines out of the studio and on stage where they belong. Project 1404 is pure and raw sounds. No editing, no computers, no go-between.

The Acid Meditations

2014 Techno live set

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